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Financial security takes planning. At Neil & Associates it is our life’s mission to help you prepare for the moments in your life that have a big impact.

Financial security takes planning. At Neil & Associates it is our life’s mission to help you prepare for the moments in your life that have a big impact – career changes, buying or selling a business, marriage, having children, sending them off to college, seeing them get married, and becoming grandparents…then there comes a time when you can retire! We also recognize that there are other moments in life that are more difficult to deal with…and we are there for you then too; loss of a loved one, unexpected health concerns and much more. Planning is about more than saving money for retirement – it’s about helping protect what means the most to you and helping you achieve your short and long-term goals.

The first step to achieving your financial security goals is creating a financial plan. Our goal is to help you build a plan that’s tailored to your needs, flexible enough to meet your changing needs and based on solid insurance and investment products.

We are here to help you with the following:

  • Provide for your family in the event of your death, disability or a critical illness
  • Secure a comfortable retirement
  • Control your debt
  • Fund a post-secondary education for your children
  • Minimize your taxes
  • Create an estate for your heirs
  • Meet a variety of business protection needs
  • Provide affordable benefits for your company’s employees
  • Financial security and planning

How do we help you plan?

To help guide us along the way we build financial plans using a proven process based on the four cornerstones of financial security

  1. Developing a plan for Major purchases
  2. Identifying family needs; for example, education, vacations etc.
  3. Outlining retirement dreams
  4. Reviewing insurance requirements
This goal-based financial security planning approach is designed to help you:
  1. Better understand what financial security means to you by reviewing your current needs and defining goals.
  2. Identify and discuss any roadblocks to achieving your goals.
  3. Analyze your situation, identify any gaps and build a plan to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.
  4. Review and monitor your plan to help ensure it continues to meet your changing needs.

Wealth/Estate Planning

At Neil & Associates we work with our clients to assist you in achieving your current and future financial goals.

Our advisors work with you to understand your goals (short, medium and long term ) and know what is important to you and your family . Our Navigational plan is a tool we develop with you to ensure your goals are identified and set you on a course to achieve those goals.

Our team has tax professionals available to assist you along the way or we are more than happy to work with your current team of allied professionals to develop a plan that is comprehensive, tax efficient as well as being flexible.  As well we can give our clients piece of mind knowing that their estate / wealth will be passed to heirs smoothly and tax efficiently.

We have assembled a strong dedicated team to assist you and our willingness and expertise working with other professionals ensures that your needs are met with ultimate care and concern.

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