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Group Benefits Grande Prairie

We provide customized employee benefit plans to businesses in Grande Prairie & abroad

Group Insurance is an arrangement to share the financial risk of health-related expenses among a group of people who pay into a fund or pool, under one contract.  With a group benefits plan, when a member of the group becomes ill or needs services, he or she is financially compensated by the plan, according to the terms of the contract. 

By investing in group benefits for your employees you can better attract and retain good people, which helps minimize costs associated with high turnover insurance plans, your premium may be tax-deductible as a business expense and it may help improve morale and increase productivity by providing financial security and support for your plan members.

On-line services for group plan administrators is a sophisticated, fully secure internet-based tool that allows you to use your time more efficiently, control expenses more effectively, and tap into current statistics and information that may affect your plan –anytime, at your convenience.

On line services for plan members allows members to access an extensive array of secure online, self-service options, including fast and convenient answers to questions about their health and dental benefits coverage, claims and more.

Wellness & Disability Programs – Group Insurance

Integrated workplace wellness and disability management programs can help your organization address issues such as employee health, absenteeism and presenteeism, recruitment and retention strategies, and rising benefit costs.  We are ready to work in partnership with you to help you meet the complex challenges of managing wellness and disability in your organization whether you are looking for basic solutions or a comprehensive, long-term plan.  We can offer programs using a customizable, innovative approach to provide the support your employees’ needs, when they need it.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Healthcare, dental care and vision care benefits are important features of any group benefit plan.  These benefits help your plan members bridge the widening gap between provincial health insurance plans and the coverage your members and their families need.  We can customize the benefits to suit the specific needs of your organization, whether it’s large, small or somewhere in between.  We offer a variety of options, from basic plans to specialty products.  Call us to find out more about how healthcare, dental care and vision care benefits can help you.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSP)

Deferred Profit sharing Plans are designed to reward good performance and create a sense of partnership between the plan sponsor and the members of the plan.  This plan type is only available as a group arrangement.

A DPSP is an employer-sponsored profit sharing plan registered as a trust with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  On a periodic basis, the plan sponsor shares business profits with the plan members by contributing to the DPSP on each plan member’s behalf.  Member contributions are not permitted.  A DPSP gives the plan sponsor the option to link contributions to profitability of the business.  There is no minimum required contribution – if there is negligible profit in a year, the sponsor is not required to contribute.  However, DPSP’s are subject to maximum contribution limits set by CRA.  Sponsor contributions are tax deductible for the plan sponsor.  Members do not pay income tax on DPSP contributions until funds are withdrawn.  A DPSP is usually offered in conjunction with a group RRSP.  The employee contributes to the group RRSP and the employer’s matching contributions are deposited to the DPSP.

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