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Life Insurance Promotion

Life Insurance Promotion

It’s not too often we hear about Insurance discounts or promotions in the industry so I felt it was important to let you know about the current promotion that Canada Life offered this past September and has recently extended to March 1, 2021.

New Term 20, 30, or age 65 life insurance applications that are received between now and March 1, 2021 can enjoy four months of waived premium. You pay the first premium to activate the policy and then Canada Life will take care of the next 4 months of premiums. In British Columbia, the offer is capped at 3 free months.

What exactly is Term life insurance and what are the benefits?

  • It is coverage that stays the same for the “term” as long as premiums are paid.
  • Term insurance is affordable and costs less as it covers a shorter, pre-defined period and there is no investment component.
  • It is most suitable to cover specific temporary needs such as mortgage, debt, replacing a spouse’s income, children’s education, and dependant support.
  • There is also flexibility where you can renew for a longer term or convert all or a portion of the coverage into permanent coverage until the age of 70.

Sound like a fit for you or have questions even if you already have insurance? Simply contact our office and one of our advisors would be happy to assist you.